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Because Love Really Should Make the World Go Round

LovIT or LeaveIT by Rene Lovit

Since the biggest news in Broadway this past week has been Hamilton’s exit from Hamilton, and because we do need to be reminded constantly and consistently that the work of making the world a better place does not stop once you’ve posted a sappy quote about any given tragedy on Instagram, and because our current state of being is filled with a lack of all things love, let’s talk about the immaculate and perfectly timed pairing of the two busiest people in show business, mastermind Lin-Manuel Miranda and our favorite Latina superstar Jennifer Lopez, in the creation of your new favorite song. These two got it so right you should be waking up to this song every morning of every day for weeks to come feeling immediately compelled to create, collaborate, and coerce your fellow peers into acts of kindness on a daily basis.

On July 11th, fresh off of his final Ham performance Lin-Manuel and J.Lo hit The Today Show’s stage donned in all white and belted their anthemic single “Love Make the World Go Round” for the first time to an audience that included 50 survivors and victims’ family members of the tragic Orlando shootings. Following the performance, Lopez admitted that she relentlessly “stalked” Miranda to collaborate on this song knowing full-well that no one could be a more perfect match after seeing his heart-wrenching sonnetized acceptance speech at the Tony’s – the words of which now echo in the song’s opening – “Love is love is love is love is love is love is love…”

The following night the two took the stage on the Tonight Show and delivered an equally electrifying rendition. Miranda’s speech reverberated through the theater as the lights came up on Lopez whose gown immediately took our breath away with its arresting imagery of stained glass windows. The stunning train reflected the resounding message of the song itself and reminded us that we too must come together like the small pieces of various coloured glass to form patterns and pictures of beauty and light. Our depictions of support can vary in size and shape and color and weight but it is only in uniting that any image of significance can exist. The creativity and strength in this particular performance by these two powerhouse artists indubitably proves it.

Miranda, Lopez, and Epic Records are proudly donating 100% of proceeds from their single to the Hispanic Federation for the Somos Orlando Fund to benefit those affected by the Pulse shooting in Orlando. For more information on the services this incredible organization provides, click here.

Download the song on iTunes and spread the LOVE!

And no, this column won’t solely be about songs created or covered for charitable organizations. Unless they feature Lin-Manuel Miranda, because let’s be honest, he’s a genius and will continue to impress us for years to come. A huge thank you and congratulations goes out to him from everyone here at YB for creating such a world-changing masterpiece and for providing us with such a life-changing performance. We can’t wait to see what you have in store!


Rene Lovit is a writer, comedienne, and actress based in Los Angeles, California. She likes her friends like she likes her martinis…strong, fabulous and extra dirty.


LovIT or LeaveIT is an opinionated weekly column on the current (Young) Broadway bits, heavy-weight bouts, baes and b**ches, and everything in between. Rene Lovit provides the exclusive inside scoop to point pop-culture Broadway lovers to the good stuff. Tune in for all the deets on what’s happening, when it happened, who did it, and whether it was hot or, well…

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