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A Political “Party”

LovIT or LeaveIT by Rene Lovit

As my spirit-animal-soul-sister Chelsea Handler recently said on her new Netflix show, “if I have a soapbox, I’m gonna f-ing use it.” So on that note, let’s talk politics.

Last week history was made at the Democratic National Convention when Hillary Clinton accepted the nomination for POTUS. It was the first time that a major political party has nominated a woman for president and party they did by inviting basically all of Broadway and then some.

On July 26th, the second night of the convention, as Hillary accepted her party’s official nomination, we witnessed the reunion of reunions when Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth teamed up, along with a slew of slick Tony winners including Alan Cumming and Billy Porter, as well as Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ben Platt and Ellen Greene and oh you know, a few more unknowns like Jane Fonda and Eva Longoria, to cover Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” and give her an a cappella introduction video that will light some political excitement under even the most bored of behinds. Elizabeth Banks introduced the Brady-Bunch-Pitch-Perfect extravaganza she coproduced and the DNC crowd went wild. Watch it below regardless of whether or not you like politics because it’ll make you laugh, cry, gasp, cringe, and maybe even vote.

And if that wasn’t enough, the Great White Way’s biggest and brightest stars showed up in droves to perform their chart topping “What The World Needs Now is Love” the very next day. Everyone from Darren Criss, to Kristin Bell, to Lena Hall, to Audra McDonald, to Adrienne Warren, to Ben Vereen, to Brian Stokes Mitchell, to Stephanie J. Block, to Tyne Daly, all the way to Rosie Perez, and duh, Idina Menzel, was there. Yea, exactly, get those Kleenex boxes right back out from where you put them. It was epic. As they handed the microphone from one incredible voice to the next, you could not help but forget, even if for just a few minutes, about all the issues, the hatred, the arguments around the dinner table, and just be grateful that we live in a country that allows such diverse and incredible talent to stand together in unity on a political stage. The crowd sang and swayed and held hands, cheered and chanted, and in that brief beautiful moment in time, it felt like maybe, just maybe, love might come out swinging in this election and take the cake.

If Hillary can get the likes of, well, basically all of Broadway and most of Hollywood singing for her, fighting for her, shooting a Brady Bunch music video for her, then yep, no doubt about it…#ImWithHer.

Watch the performance here and VOTE!!


Rene Lovit is a writer, comedienne, and actress based in Los Angeles, California. She likes her friends like she likes her martinis…strong, fabulous and extra dirty.


LovIT or LeaveIT is an opinionated weekly column on the current (Young) Broadway bits, heavy-weight bouts, baes and b**ches, and everything in between. Rene Lovit provides the exclusive inside scoop to point pop-culture Broadway lovers to the good stuff. Tune in for all the deets on what’s happening, when it happened, who did it, and whether it was hot or, well…

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